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    Bedfan Bed Fan

    Let me tell you about my Bedfan ........

    When my husband first told me about it, (he saw something on the computer) I thought it was just another scam. Nothing would work as well as they described. Well, since I got a money back guarantee, I thought it was worth a try. WOW!! Was I surprised!

    Between menopause, night sweats and a couple of health issues, I didn't think such a comfortable nights sleep was possible! It just bathes you in this luxurious stream of cool, comforting air! One of the most surprising things was that it is virtually silent!! A very low hum that I believe helps lull me to sleep! I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT!!! (Now, if only I didn't have to fight my cat on the fact that he constantly lays between me and the Bedfan !! I guess he likes it too!)

    And as my husband says, "If Momma's happy, EVERYBODY'S happy!!

    Thank you so much! I look forward to many years of comfortable summers, and lower electric bills!!

    Barbara Karlsson

    Menopause Night sweats and sleeping hot Gone

    quoteMenopausal women will kill to end night sweats


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    menopause night sweats sleeping hot bedfan

    The Bedfan will help with Night Sweats, Menopause Night Sweats or just Sleeping Hot. The Bedfan will help you sleep cooler.

    Bedfan free shipping


    Installation Instructions

    Night Sweats, Menopause night sweats, sleeping hot, sleepless nights, or trying to save money on your air conditioning. The Bedfan cooling system is for you. The Bedfan is patented under US Patent No: 7,908,688. The Bedfan is built here in Texas.

    bedfan bed fan personal cooling system

    Click here to order the Original, Built in Texas Bed Fan on our secure site

    "I never write letters to companies regarding their products, But i had to this time. I just wanted you to know. The first night I used my bed fan i wanted to test it out to the max. So I set it up as normal, with the top sheet nicely tucked in and around the fan. Then i added my duvet on top of that along with my comforter. I could not stop laughing when i turned the Bedfan up all the way and i was laying there in a cocoon of refreshing air.. It LIFTED ALL of it right off the bed.. The sheets, the duvet and the comforter.. WOW.. I stopped laughing, turned it down and went to sleep. This thing can really put out if you need it. Thanks for a wonderful product and a wonderful nights sleep, FINALLY. Not fancy, but it works like a champ." Cyndi from Delaware.

    The Bedfan Cooling System is guaranteed to help if you are sleeping hot. If the Bed fan cooling system is unable to help you to stop sleeping hot, sleep cooler at night and stop night sweats you need only return it to us for a no hassle refund. Instant cool relief from night sweats and menopause night sweats throughout the night! You will love this bed cooling fan know as the Bedfan

    Follow this link to see the animation showing you how the Bedfan will help you sleep cooler and end night sweats, the  Bedfan animation is a 2 Meg File Please give it time to load.

    Girls on bedfan Bed Fan 

    If you are sleeping hot, you are most likely suffering from night sweats as well. Night sweats can be due to menopause, medical conditions, medications or you may just be a naturally hot sleeper. Regardless of the reason the Bedfan will help you sleep cool and stop night sweats and menopause night sweats too. This Bedfan is the original Bed Fan that we sold thrugh SOMEONE. Now you can get it directly from the inventor and original U.S. manufacture. 

    The Bedfan cooling system is designed to remove body heat that causes night sweats while you are sleeping. At the same time the Bedfan will help keep your body cool so that night sweats don't have a chance to start and you will no longer be sleeping hot. The Bedfan will instantly cool you down for a peaceful night’s sleep.

    The Bedfan on the Dr. Oz Show...


    "I am a terrible at sleeping which is ironic since I'm an anesthesiologist and put people to sleep as my profession.

    I was sleeping hot, even in the winter and despite having an overhead fan and a small fan near my head, I might be comfortable when I go to sleep, but would wake up cold later in the night.

    Now I don't have that problem because with the Bedfan, a slight cool quiet breeze is all that it takes to keep me comfortable and if I get cold in the middle of the night, it is easy to adjust the Bedfan speed lower with the convenient rheostat control that can be kept nearby.

    I love the Bedfan in the summer as well as the winter and best of all my wife likes that I don't need the other fans because she said our bedroom sounded like an airport and it kept her too cold."  and when it is her time for menopause night sweats, we are ready

    Jeff W., M.D.

    Note: this shows just the sheet over the Bedfan for demonstration only. You will put your comforter on your bed after setting the top sheet. You can set the Bedfan cooling system in the middle (as in this video), on the left or right side of the bed. Stop sleeping hot tonight stop night sweats for any reason, even menopause.

    The Bedfan Cooling System is designed for night sweats and to help you stop sleeping hot:

    • The Bedfan Cooling System is for people who are sleeping hot and really want to sleep cooler.

    • The Bedfan is for women who suffer from the effects of menopause including night sweats derived from menopause hot flashes.

    • The Bedfan is for people who have a medical condition that causes their body to get hot at night other then menopause night sweats.

    Click here to order the Original, Built in Texas Bed Fan on our secure site

    Natural Night Sweats, Menopause Night Sweats, Just Sleeping hot