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    The Bedfan on KHOU

    I purchased the Bedfan about a year ago to help me deal with the side effects of a total hysterectomy. I had tried other palliative remedies, e.g., pillows, sheets, nightwear, cooling mitts, with no result. But as soon as I hooked up and began to use my Bedfan, my nighttime symptoms subsided and I began to resume comfortable and restorative sleep. I dread the thought of being without it. I think I will take you up on your suggestion to bring it with me on vacation. It is lightweight and could easily fit in a suitcase.

    Carolyn B

    I Love My Bedfan


    Bedfan stops night sweats

    The Bedfan Cooling System.


    The New Bedfan version 1.5 comes in two sizes, The first version bFan-V1.5-A is for beds that are between 27" and 37" tall. The second version bFan-V1.5-B is for beds from 19" to 29" tall. This measurment is from the floor to the top of the mattress.

    Bedfan Bed Fan v1.5

    The Bedfan Cooling System is designed for…

    • The Bedfan Cooling System is for people who are hot sleepers and really want to sleep cooler or have cooler sheets at night.

    • The Bedfan is for women who suffer from the effects of menopause including night sweats derived from hot flashes.

    • The Bedfan is for people who have a medical condition that causes their body to get hot at night and they just want to sleep cooler.

    • The Bedfan is for people who want to save money on their air conditioning bill and not go broke trying to sleep cooler.

    "Let me tell you about my Bedfan........ When my husband first told me about it, (he saw something on the computer) I thought it was just another scam.

    Nothing would work on night sweats as well as they described.  WOW!! Was I surprised! Between menopause, night sweats and a couple of health issues, I didn't think such a comfortable nights sleep was possible! It just bathes you in this luxurious stream of cool, comforting air!

    One of the most surprising things was that it is virtually silent!! A very low hum that I believe helps lull me to sleep! I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT!!! (Now, if only I didn't have to fight my cat on the fact that he constantly lays between me and the Bedfan!! I guess he likes it too!) And as my husband says, "If Momma's happy, EVERYBODY'S happy!!

    Thank you so much! I look forward to many years of comfortable summers no more night sweats, and lower electric bills!!

    Barbara Karlsson One VERY satisfied customer! "

    More about the Bedfan

    The Bedfan cooling system’s innovative design removes the heat that is generated by your body and gets trapped beneath your bed sheets. This unique system enables you to sleep much cooler at night and at the same time save you money on air conditioning cost. The Bedfan has also proven to be very successful at stopping night sweats due to menopause, Andropause, diseases or medications. The Bedfan will help hot sleepers regardless of reason.

    The Bedfan’s patented cooling system has an adjustable speed dial and high performance dual fans that allow you to control the breeze that starts at the foot of your bed and moves up the sides of your body for instant relief from night sweats. Create your own cool zone with the Bedfan today and get a peaceful night’s sleep tonight and every night.

    The Bedfan has flexible adjustable arms that support what we call the breeze bar. The Breeze Bar is there to hold the sheets up in order to let the air flow. These flexible adjustable arms are the result of much testing with regards to product safety and the safety of our customers. Unlike some units that have copied our product and added a rigid upper section, ours will not hurt you or destroy itself if someone accidently sits on the upper section at the foot of the bed.

    The Bedfan is powered by a specially designed, fully controllable transformer that will convert AC power to 12 volts and less than one amp. The fans are capable of delivering over 100 CFM of air. With the Speed controller, you can adjust the air flow from 0 to 100 CFM without having to move from your bed.

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